Dave Chappelle and Africa

As many of you may know, Dave Chappelle disappeared to Africa a few years ago to escape the pressures of the entertainment industry. I watched this interview on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” recently in which Chappelle talks about some of his reasons for going to Africa. It almost reminded me of Dr. Garrigan in “Last King of Scotland” who went to Uganda parlty in search of adventure, but also to escape the pressure of having to practice medicine with his father. We critized Garrigan and white figures like him to go to Africa to explore and somehow find some missing part of them. Do we criticize Chappelle as well, who has roots tracing back to Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Here’s a clip of the “Actor’s Studio” episode. Chappelle talks about Africa (he went to South Africa) from about 3:30-8:00.

Here’s a link to an MTV interview with Chappelle:



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