Black Hair

Someone posted on Tyra and African American hair and reminded me of a documentary I watched on Black hair and Koreans in the black hair idustry. The documentary points out that almost 90% of black hair beauty supply stores are owned and operated by Koreans, but supported 100% by African Americans. Do you think there’s a problem with this?

The Tyra post also reminded me of this book I have called “Queens.” Simply, it’s about black women and their hair, as the title points out. It’s mostly made up of pictures, but it also has articles that accompany the pictures. In the article women talk about     made the change from chemically processed to natural hair, the relationship some women have with their ‘fro, and how a woman’s hair style can completely build up or break down her confidence. The articles also talk about the issue of “good” and “bad” hair that the Tyra post did.

Here’s a link to an NPR audio interview with the author.


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