Africa Fashion

I’m offering a critique on the Africa in Fashion project. I was intrigued with the use of the homepage to bring each group member’s ideas together under one broad theme. The clickable pictures were very user-friendly and gave the project a professional feel. Great job!

In the Magazine, the pictures were attractive and complemented the theme of this sub-section. I understood what was being presented without having to use the text to deconstruct the underlying message. There was excellent use of text and image to make the theme resonate. The analysis of each picture is not only well done, but the questions raised were very thought-provoking.

The Collection was really well put together. The web-page looks like a Chanel 05 bottle! Analyses were interesting and what caught my eye was the linking of the ideas presented with the text that was studied in class. The use of additional web links used to create a holistic idea and to encourage user exploration was well done. Excellent!

Naomi, Iman and Alek were used in the Modeling Industry to represent three time frames and to portray different ideas under one main theme. This technique was quite interesting. I really learnt a great deal about modeling from a historical perspective. It took the project to a higher level. I also appreciated the detailed introduction, because it allowed me to get a sense of what the author was trying to accomplish.

For me, the Mainstream intersected quite nicely with Modeling Industry especially with regards to looking at modeling from a historical perspective. The focus on the modern part of the fashion industry in the Mainstream really closed the project well. I really did felt as if I were moving along a time line, from Tarzan to Product Red.

Unfortunately, I was unable see what the Culture had to offer because I could not access the video. (I may be at fault).

At times I became very confused while navigating the site. The web pages could have been a little more user friendly. I also felt a little lost while reading each subpage. While I must concede that it was sometimes obvious what there themes were, there could have been more coherence. For example, a paragraph or two could have been used on the introductory page to elaborate on each sub-topic and to articulate the aims of each group member. I also believe that each member could have stuck to one common layout. This was done at the beginning of the project (the black -and -white background), but changed somewhere along the middle and was a little different at the end.

Overall, the site truly felt like an online magazine. The pictures, design and style complemented the fashion themes: old, modern, attractive, sleek and detailed. A lot of work went into this project and it was really well done.

In Jamaica we say, sell off!


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